More Volume More Money! December looking awesome

The more volume you have, the more money you can make in sports betting. Having more volume lowers the variance and helps with the swings. It only helps the swings if you make single bets consistent. I try to get around 4-6 games a day. There will be days where i only like 4 games or days where I like 10 games. It just depends on how many sports are playing that day. Well here is my record so far for December.

  • December 1st: 4-0 +$1895
  • December 2nd: 4-1 +$1605
  • December 3rd: 4-1-1 + $1302
  • December 4th: 6-3 +$1460
  • December 5th: 4-2 +$2908 *Had a hot pick for $2500
  • December 6th: 4-1-1 +$1307
  • December 7th: $1960 Parlay day
  • December 8th: 3-2 +$346 *Hockey back door with like 30secs lol, or it would have been 4-0-1
  • December 9th: 4-0 +$1816

December record so far: 33-10-2 +$14,599


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