Craps Best Casino Game


One of the best games in the house is probably a game called Craps. I would choose this game over black jack or roulette. If you want to play with a group of friends or just play a game that is very active, this is the game for you. It looks very confusing at first but once you get the hang of the game, its pretty fun. Let’s talk about bets.

Different type of bets

  • Pass Line – This is the bet that most people start out with while on the table. You bet on the pass line and the shooter (roller) will throw the dice hoping to hit a 7 or 11 on the first roll. 7 or 11 means that you have won. 2,3,12 means that you have lost. Any other number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, means that is the point (the number) that you have to duplicate again.
  • Field Bet – This bet is for only 1 roll of the dice. If you bet field and it lands on 2,3,4,9,10,11,12 you will get paid. Any other number and you will lose. If the number lands on 2 or 12 when you make a field bet you get double your money.
  • Come Bet – Come bet is basically a pass line bet but you can do it anytime. It means that when you bet the come and the number lands on a 6, your hoping the 6 comes out again in order for you to win.
  • Place Bets – The place bets is located directly above the come. It is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. This bet is a point bet meaning that you are hoping that the dice lands on one of those place bet numbers you wager on. This bet is probably the best bet in the game because your bet stays on there until you tell them to take it off or until they shooter hits a 7 and craps out.
  • Proposition Bets – These bets can be made on any roll of the dice. These bets are only one time bets only and your are hoping to hit whatever proposition you bet on weather it is 2,3,11,12, Seven, Any Craps. These bets are harder to hit but pays out the most.
  • Hard ways – These bets are hoping you hit doubles on a roll. 4,6,8,10. They stay on until the dice hits one of your number that does not make a double. They pay out pretty well.
  • Don’t Come bet – This is the reverse of a pass line bet. Dealer will put your money behind the don’t come number and you are hoping a 7 comes out before the number comes out in order to win. When you bet don’t come and a 2,3,12 hits you automatically win; however, if a 7 or 11 hits you lose. Anything else will be your number.
  • Don’t Pass bet – This is basically the opposite of the pass line. You are playing with the house and hope the roller hits a 7 before they hit their pass line number in order to win.

Now that you know the rules of the game, have fun and make some money. I will be posting my craps strategy later. Good luck at the tables.



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