NFL Sunday Football Week 10 Picks

NFL Sunday Football Week 10 (11/9/14)

We are more than half way through the season and there are many teams making a run for the playoffs. This week we already have an upset on Thursday night football with the Browns beating the Bengals 24-3. I think there are going to be many more upsets to come this coming Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys (6-3) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8)

Jacksonville will play Dallas Cowboys at home, but are they really? They play in London this week and I am pretty sure there will be more Cowboy fans than Jaguar fans. Tony Romo stepped on the field for practice Thursday but even with Tony Romo out, I believe the Dallas Cowboys will come on top with their running game. DeMarco Murray is having his best season of his career and with the run game which will get their passing game started. The Cowboys just got their 2nd lost back to back but against a solid Arizona team. Jacksonville has been playing okay, but this team does not know how to win. They face a Dallas team in London and not at home which will hurt their chances of winning even more. The Dallas Cowboys will bounce back this week with a big win to make a statement that they are back. Lines maker doesn’t have lines out for this yet so expect Dallas to cover any spread.

Dallas Cowboys wins this 35-14

Miami Dolphins (5-3) @ Detroit Lions (6-2)

This game is between the hot Miami Dolphins and the division leader of the NFC North the Detroit Lions. I think this is going to be an upset with Miami Dolphins coming out on top vs the favorite Detroit Lions. The Lions was on a bye week for week 9. Miami last week showed the Chargers that coming off a bye week is tough beating them easily 37-0. This week they face another team off a bye week and the out will probably be the same. The Lions might need this game to get the rust off, but I don’t think even at home they will be able to stopped the Miami Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill vs Matthew Stafford will be a good match up. Lions barely won their last 2 games by a total of 2 points. The Dolphins; however, won their last 2 games by 51points. Dolphins will cover Lions -2.5 and win the game by a 10point margin.

Miami Dolphins wins this 31-21

Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) @ Buffalo Bills (5-3)

This game is going to be a low scoring game with both teams having the same record and both 2nd in their division. The Chiefs is on a 3 game win streak with the Bills on a 2 game win streak. Both teams are evenly match and the team that makes the least amount of mistakes will come out on top. This game is so close to call so I will have to side with the home team Buffalo BIlls even though The Chiefs are favorite by -1.5. Bills will cover and just out right win the game.

Buffalo Bills win this 17-14

San Francisco 49ers (4-4) @ New Orleans Saints (4-4)

This game is the game to watch. You might see both of these team in a wildcard game in the playoffs. The Saints are a hot team at home. They beat the hot Green bay team at home and showed that they one of the hardest teams to beat at home with a being 8-0 ATS in their last 8 games as favorites. The Saints and 49ers have history where the Saints beat the the 49ers 5 times ATS in San Francisco. They are also on a 2 game win streak where as the 49ers are on a 2 game losing streak. The 49ers came off a devastating lost vs the Rams. They are a team that has fallen off with Kaepernick turning the ball over too many times. This it the game I believe that even though odds stack against them they will come back and beat the hot Saints team on the road. This will be one of the other upsets I talk about. The lines opened with the saints being -3.5 favorites to -5.5. This game the 49ers will come out on top and make a run for the wild card position.

San Francisco 49ers wins this 34 – 27

Tennessee Titans (2-6) @ Baltimore Ravens (5-4)

The Ravens coming back playing at home after the Pittsburgh Steelers blew them out. Titans haven’t been looking good in their last 2 game, neither has the Ravens. However, the Ravens are a better overall football team and will easily win this game by 7points. They are at home and I don’t see them losing a 3rd game to a team that is under 50%. Ravens are favorite by -10, but I don’t think they will cover the spread.

Baltimore Ravens wins this 21-17

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) @ New York Jets (1-8)

The Steelers are a hot team right now and will be on the road this week against a week Jets team. This game should be a blow out, but they are only a -4 favorite. They have beaten their last 2 teams (Colts and Ravens) by double digits and those teams were by far better than the Jets. Ben Roethlisberger coming off this best 2 games this season. I don’t think the Jets will cover the spread with the offense they have. I see the Steelers winning on the road with a double digit figure as well.

Pittsburgh Steelers wins this 42-17

Atlanta Falcons (2-6) @ Tampa bay (1-7)

This is a division game where the NFC south is up for grabs with the leader the New Orleans Saints being at only 4-4. I believe this is going to be a tough game for Falcons because they are 0-4 on the road. However, I think this is where they get their first road victory. Tampa bay hasn’t shown that they are a great football team and I don’t think being at home will help them get a win vs the Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons wins this 27-20

Denver Broncos (6-2) @ Oakland Raiders (0-8)

Its Peyton Manning vs the Raiders. That is all i got to really say about this match up. Broncos are -10.5 against the Raiders and they should cover that easy.

Denver Broncos wins this 35-14

St. Louis Rams (3-5) @ Arizona Cardinals (7-1)

This the 4th time the Rams have face their their divisional team. They are already 2-1 beating both Seattle and San Francisco(1-1). Will they be able to make it a sweep in divisional games vs Arizona, the number 1 team right now? I don’t think they will. They are on the road again and I don’t think they can win back to back road games. Especially since they are facing the number 1 team right now. This game will be close since its a divisional game but I think Arizona will come out on top. I think this game will be a low scoring game and Arizona will win by double digits.

Arizona Cardinals wins this 21-10

New York Giants (3-5) @ Seattle Seahawks (5-3)

The Giants have been struggling as of late on offense with Victor Cruz being out. It will only be even harder to win on the road in Seattle. Seattle is getting their momentum back and I don’t see them losing at home to the giants; being 3-1 at home. Eli Manning has been struggling with his passing game and I see Seattle winning this by double digits. Seattle is favorite by -10 and I think they will cover.

Seattle Seahawks wins this 27-14

Chicago Bears (3-5) @ Green Bay Packers (5-3)

The Bears haven’t been playing well as of late. They been struggling on both defense and offense. The Green Bay Packers were on a bye last week, a much needed one. They were a hot team beating teams by double digits until they loss to the Saints at home. However, the Packers can score and Chicago can’t. I think this will be a close game for the Green Bay Packers since it’s divisional game and they just came off a bye week. The line is at -7.5. I think the Packers will win the game but not cover.

Green Bay Packers wins this 27–20


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