5 Things People Do Wrong In Tournament Poker

pokerchipsYou ever wonder how come you never cashed in poker? You wonder how come some people are more successful than others. Well here are the top things that people do wrong in poker tournaments.


  1.  They wait for premium hands – You cannot wait hoping to get QQ, KK, AA and try to double up off those. You might not even get any action because of how tight you are playing.
  2.  Raising  too big – When you have a strong hand in a tournament and you make it 5+ the big blinds people are going to fold to you most of the time. By raising big you won’t get any action unless they pick up a hand as well.
  3.  Defending the blind – People who constantly defend the blind no matter what cards they have. You are always out of position defending the blinds and most likely won’t hit the flop and force to fold with the raisers continuation bet
  4. All in with low poker pairs – Going all in with low pocket pairs late in the tournament is okay when your short. However, early in the tournament people are calling all ins with pockets 5’s to 9’s way too often.
  5. Don’t know their own stack size – I see this too often, people will raise and not know how much chips they have behind and are force to call an all in because some how they put half their chips in already.

Poker is always about playing the player but sometimes you have to be smart about it.


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